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Cotton Valley – Arkansas

The Dorcheat-Macedonia Field was originally developed for the Smackover formation in the 1940s.  The Cotton Valley and shallower reservoirs were developed in the 1970s and 1980s. The oil-bearing Cotton Valley Sands have relatively low porosity and permeability. Deposited as a series of sand and shale sequences, the resulting reservoir is lenticular in nature.

We have employed a completion technique called “pin-point” fracturing, allowing us to selectively stimulate the overpressured sands and bypass the depleted zones. The stacked shale and sand pay zones have allowed for current field development at 10-acre spacing and potential development down to 5-acre spacing.

Bonanza Creek owns two gas processing facilities in the area strategically positioned to service our production. These facilities process the rich natural gas stream, splitting it between resulting dry gas and natural gas liquids products.