Interest Owners

Interest Owner Relations

Bonanza Creek values our relationships with all of our interest owners. You are an integral part of our business. We understand how important your ownership is to you, and we believe that communication is critical to maintaining a good relationship.

This website provides information about whom to contact, answers to common questions, and quick access to important forms. We hope you find this site as a convenient resource for all your interest owner needs. Below we provide a brief explanation of important terms.

Lease Records

Our Lease Records Department maintains and controls Bonanza Creek’s lease records. The department is responsible for payment of delay rentals, minimum royalty payments and other payments associated with leasehold ownership. It is also responsible for the maintenance of all of our leasehold which means we maintain accurate records relative to leased acreage and the associated contracts relative to surface use, etc. This information is used for internal analysis and corporate reporting which is required by all states where we operate as well as the SEC.

Division Order

Soon after an operated well begins producing oil or gas, Bonanza Creek issues a document, a Division Order, to each interest owner that identifies the well, describes the spacing unit, the interest owner’s remittance address we have on file and, the interest owner’s decimal interest in the well. The interest owner is asked to sign and return the Division Order. Bonanza Creek uses this information to remit proceeds to the interest owner.

Owner Numbers

Bonanza Creek currently has thousands of interest owners to whom it issues checks each month. In order to manage all the interest owners in our system, we assign an owner number to each interest owner. Your owner number should appear on all correspondence from us such as a Division Order or the check detail which accompanies your revenue check. So that we may better assist you, please include your owner number in any correspondence addressed to us.

Changing Ownership

During the life of a lease or a well, there may be numerous changes in ownership. Bonanza Creek makes evidencing a change in ownership an easy process.

Changing Ownership


Current interest owner or authorized representative completes and records (in the county where lands are located) documents effecting the change in ownership. Owner provides Bonanza Creek with copies of the recorded documents.
See Required Documents »


Bonanza Creek receives and reviews the documents to verify the new ownership. A Transfer Order is issued and sent to both the previous and new Owner.

Transfer Order

The previous and new Owner sign the Transfer Order and send it back to Bonanza Creek.


Upon receiving the Transfer Order Bonanza Creek updates its records with the new Owner information.

Revenue Disbursement

When appropriate, Bonanza Creek remits payments to the new Owner.

Disclaimer – Each leasehold/royalty interest is governed solely by the language in the individual written agreement between Bonanza Creek and the leasehold/royalty owner. Nothing in this portal will amend the language in your written agreement concerning lease terms or royalties or grant any additional rights to leasehold/royalty owners.